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The SIX Approach

Above all, SIX is a network.
Our job is to connect people and organisations.

We believe that building long lasting, impactful relationships takes more than running events or online communities. At SIX, we have developed a unique method to connect people across boundaries, might they be geographical, cultural, and sectorial.

We describe this working methodology as our ‘Approach’.

Our network building ‘Approach’, which some call the ‘SIX Effect’, is present in everything we do. All our activities simultaneously benefit from the strength of our network and help to develop it.

There are 3 strands to our Approach. We examine the roles we play as a team, the kind of environments we create, and the process through which we work.

The Roles we play

To build effective networks, we are a team of:

The Environments we create

Creating the right ‘space’ to encourage interactions is extremely important to build the trust and relationships necessary at the core of the SIX network. Over the last decade, we have always strived to create environments that are:

The Process we follow

All of our programmes are designed to support one another, and contribute to building SIX’s global community. Whether through capacity buildingleaders networks or events and convening, we leverage the same working methodology: constantly building new relationships, sharing learning, and bringing in new people and perspectives.


SIX is the connective tissue that binds this diverse field together

- Tonya Surman, Centre for Social Innovation, at the Global Wayfinder Conference, London

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